Frequently Asked Questions

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What format are the new videos? How do I play them?

  • There are a variety of formats used on the site through these years (.wmv .flv .mov) but they can all be played with the free VLC media player software (both on Mac and PC).

What is the resolution of the new videos? Can I play them full screen?

  • They are HD videos 1280 x 720 pixels and can be played full screen.

Are the new videos downloadable?

  • Yes, you can download these videos for your personal use only. Please remember, Leggy Pauline pictures and videos are copyrighted. Sharing them on the internet is prohibited by law and kills this site:-(

Who can I ask for support?

  • For billing related queries like lost usernames / passwords and account support please write to: support {at}
    For content related queries and critique please write to: feet {at}